Thursday, December 3, 2015

Second Chance

One cold morning I woke up trying to get ready for work putting on a long sleeve tunic and side less gown but cloth was of a poorer quality. The tunic is plain and the ground length with narrow tailored sleeves. It was worn of my chemise or linen smock unless the weather demanded more layering. I was heading to my work to do my businesses which is bake so people can sell it. I also have to do daily baking for the community, and daily bake for my family with the time they leased to nobles for public usage. I do these things everyday.

My name is Elizabeth and I am 15 years old. I live in a village right outside my work. I live with a girl named Anne who doesn’t do anything at all. She’s lazy and always is sleeping. She was trying to find work but, I knew that she wasn’t going to find one. I saw that she wasn’t in her bed, when she usually should because she is lazy. So I was so suspicious about her not being here, maybe she got a job.

When I left the village I saw smoke coming out of somewhere. I wasn’t sure from where it was coming. I saw that it was coming out of my bakery. I fell down on my knees, I was crying. Then I got up. I was heading closer to the bakery. I saw that someone was standing there looking at the bakery I couldn’t see who it was. Then I saw that it was Anne. I was wondering why she was there. I asked why you here, Anne said in a soft  “ I...I started the fire. She was in tears. I was trying to calm her down but I was so furious in the inside. Many people came to help us, they brought buckets of water.

Then finally they stopped the fire. Anne went running to the village all upset and crying. I saw that everything got ruined so, I left it how it was because I knew nothing would have been saved. I headed back to the village, I saw that Anne was crying. I wanted to hit her and scream at her but, it seemed too wrong to do because I don't think that she would do that on purpose. So I tried to talk to her but she kept saying in a a crying voice “ it’’s my fault” I told her don’t worry it was going to happen one day. So she turned around wiping her tears and we started to eat our bread.

I asked her why were you in my bakery in the first place. She said “ I was trying to learn how to do stuff and I also want to be a cook for the future so I thought by doing this job I was going to get some experience of doing something.” I said well you should have come to me and asked me if I can teach and not do it by yourself. She said “ I will never do that again so I don’t cause this again”. I said now where should I find a job. Then suddenly the door knocked. I thought it was the villagers telling me to pick up the mess but, I was wrong.

It was the king by himself not with anyone else. I kneeled down to him and said your majesty how can I assist you. The king said, I am offering you and Anne for a job since you bakery was burned down. I asked for what. He said “One for a baker and another for a cook. Ours weren’t as good so i’m hiring you guys. Me and Anne screamed with excitement. The king said “you are going to be living in my castle so you guys are on time for work and can spend all the time there working and sleeping. The king said “start gathering your things we are going to be heading to my castle.

I was gathering my things to leave to the castle but I saw Anne sitting on the floor looking disappointed and upset. I asked her what’s wrong, she said, “I don’t want to burn the castle down.” I said but you won’t because you have me there if you need me and now we have a second chance to redeem ourselves.  She said “ okay” So we were leaving to the castle, as soon as I stepped on the the stairs and heading to the castle to my new bakery I knew that is going to be a second chance for me and my bakery. Then Anne and I both got to do what we wanted to do for our lives.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Lightning Thief


           I predict that in the book The Lightning Thief I think that something bad is going to happen to Percy Jackson because three reasons. My first reason is because he in the beginning of the book he had very bad luck at school and how he got kicked off. my second reason why I think something bad is going to happen is because his teacher got dissolved by Percy when he hit her with a sword and I think she wants revenge. The last reason I think that something bad is going to happen with is that three old ladies were at the bus stop and were looking at him and one was with scissors. These are the reasons why I think something bad is going to happen.   

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Lightning Thief

One Great Book

                   I love the book, The Lightning Thief because it is one great book. Why it is one amazing book is for many reasons. My first reason why this book is one great is because in the very beginning you could see how the main character is like. My second reason why this book is one great book is because there is a lot of action in the book and it gets very interesting. My last reason why I think this book is one great book is because there are parts that are really interesting that make you want to keep reading. These are three reasons why I think this is one great book.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Lightning Thief

Trouble Maker

       Percy Jackson is one trouble maker. I say that he is one trouble maker for many reasons. My first reason why I think that he is a trouble maker is because he got kicked out by 6 schools and this is his 7th school. My second reason why I think he is a trouble maker is because he "pushes" this girl into the drink fountain and got suspended by it for 3 days. My last reason why I think he is a trouble maker is because Percy is has ADHD and has bad behavior and always gets in trouble by someone when it is not even his fault. These are the reasons why I think he is a trouble maker. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Famine and Black Death

                   The Famine and the Black Death took long to get over with, it was a horrible thing that happened bad in Europe. Why hasn't it come back yet? One reaction is these days I would be so scared to live in I wouldn't want to live in the past.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ancient Medieval

              In that time the diseases were around like the plague and the black death and along with depopulation came social unrest and endemic warfare. Why was it way worse back then, then it is today. One reaction is that back then it was very hard and that they don't live like us they lived worse.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Plague

      This article is about why the plague was so deadly and many people from Europe died from it. One question is how come it was a disease that was so deadly in the past and has not even showed up in many years? One reaction is why don't they focus on the disease more, like why don't they spend a lot of time on it so they can figure why it is so deadly.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Ring Around A Rosie" Rhyme

                 Ring around a Rosie was a rhyme that people used in 1347 for a disease, it was called the black plague. One reaction is that there was so many people that got killed by this disease and they didn't find a cure for it until later when people were at risk. How did the disease get started  and how did this become a happy thing for little kids?

Monday, November 2, 2015


       This article was about Shakespeare's life and how he was a writer for plays, like how he developed to become a great writer. One reaction is that they didn't allow women to play the part of a women they had boys play those parts. Why did he have boys play the part of a women and why didn't he let women play the part of a women?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

 A Recommendation

                  I love the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry  because of many interesting things that happen in this book. I recommend this book to the people that like to read a story that was kind of based on like, it was quite similar. I also, recommend  this book that like action, for example the beginning of the book is already interesting about it. Another reason people should read this book is because there are many things that people used in the past I myself didn't even that happened. My last reason that I think that many people should read this book is because how the black people move on with the life even on how they are treated, and this is why I think you should read this book.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

A Comparison

            Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry and The Outsider I thought were quite similar at the beginning because it was black versus white people and the outsider it was socs versus greasers. Then when the ending came for both books. the outsiders has a an ending that leaves on a good note, but Roll of thunder Hear my cry ends in the same way the book was like it was still black versus white. So they were the same in the beginning, But different at the end basically the opposite. They are both great books just one is the opposite. They both have one great ending but as soon as I was getting to the end of both the books I knew they were going to be different. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry


        I predict that someone is going to die because the white people are on the black people's property. They are giving the revenge of the bus incident. I think someone is going to die because they can do what ever they want and the black people wont even know they are going to do because they can do what ever they want. The bad thing for the black people is that it can be unexpected and people will be sleeping when they attack and they can kill who ever. Also it could be the time that the trader from the black people will be told because they are going to attack and they can help whose house is whose. Also, they could by tricking someone by saying that they are going to go eat and they go with them and then the white people can attack.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dally's Death

         Dally's death is more important than Johnny's because he was a mean and tough person and very strong and heartless person and doesn't care about anyone, but they just found out that he was behind a facade. They found out that only one he cared about was Johnny and he was trying to save his life at the fire but he wasn't able to save help him as much. Then since the only one he actually cared about was Johnny and he wanted to go with him. He was also so frustrated that he went to go robe a store that's how died because he was shot by the police. That's why it's so important.  

Monday, October 19, 2015

A lost

      Johnny " stay gold "
   Me: If ponyboy would have not run away johnny would be fine. He would have not killed bob. He would not need to be hiding with ponyboy. Then he wouldn't have to save those kids at church because none of that would have happened. Then Johnny would not be at the hospital. Now he is dead and will ot be able to live again because Ponyboy went to him to go run away. Now maybe the parents can actually care about him now that he is gone and will never be able to see him again.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roll Of Thundrer Hear My Cry

People Trouble

            I predict that the white people are going to get there revenge because they are outside of the black people property. I have 3 things that  they might do for revenge. My first thing that I think that are going to do is burn down there property of the black people so they can not even have a home to live in. The second thing I think that they are going to do is to take cassie with them so they can get their revenge on them. My last thing that I think that they are going to do to them is just go and destroy the whole property of the black people. I think they are going to do that just because the black people made the bus get stuck in the road.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

Cassie Trouble

           I predict that in the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry that cassie is going to get into lots of trouble. I think that she is going to get in a lot of trouble because I think she is the trader in the book because she likes a boy that is White and she is black. So what I think is that he is going to pretend that she likes her, but he will only use her for revenge and that he is going to do something bad to her because of the bus incident. I think that Cassie is going to listen to whatever the guy says and will actually do whatever the guy says just for the whitte people can get their revenge. As son at they get what they want he is going to brake up with her. Then her little brothers are going to find out and she is going to be in big trouble with Mama and every black people.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

Differences in the books

            In the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry and The Outsider don't only have similarities, they also have differences. One difference of the books is that Roll of thunder hear my Cry is written in second person and the outsiders is written in first person. Another difference that they have is that in the book Roll Of Thunder hear My cry is the white people versus the black people and in the book the outsiders it's socs versus greasers. My last difference is that in Roll of thunder Hear My Cry the black people are the main characters and in the book the outsiders the main character is ponyboy. This is why both the books don't only have similarities, they also have differences.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The best day of my life

                As I stepped on the field I can see the tall skinny girls running to get into their position. As I was going to get into my position I can feel the breeze going through my long and smooth hair. I was feeling that my heart was going to explode. I was waiting until the referee blew the whistle, and he did. The game started, offensive line came running so fast with the ball. A girl kicked the ball almost heading to the out line, I thought it was out but it wasn't. I was going versus this girl for the ball, and I got there first and I took it away and kick the ball to the other side of the field. The other team took it away from my team, and they came so fast towards me that I didn't know what was happening until they said goal! I was so mad that I didn't play as nice anymore. I was slide tackling and shoving people. They weren't able to score on us anymore. Then the referee blow the whistle and said, "That's first quarter". I go sprinting back to coach. He said, " come on team let's go that one goal isn't going to bring us down". I went to go get some water and a lot of water came down my shirt because I thought the water was going to end. I was out of breathe I couldn't even speak. The coach told me that, "right now that we are going to start the new quarter that I am going to sit out."  I was so happy because I get to rest".

                  As I was watching my team members play, I saw that my team was going to the center a lot, and that no one was spreading out so I yelled, get open and spread out" , the didn't listen. so I was so mad at them because they let the team score 2 goals. I was furious that I was making a gigantic hole with my shows. I was barely able to watch them. I was so happy that the referee called that's second quarter, its half time. The coach was yelling "what were you guys doing out there come on lets go we need to try harder." We were siting down eating grape. all of them falling on the floor. finally half time is over.

                     I go to the field and everyone was so tired that they could barely even run. We started out with the ball this time and we were waiting for the whistle. then the game started. We running down the field I had the ball I go down to the end of the field and I was by myself it was only me and the goalie and as I shoot it hits the post. I was so disappointed because everyone was ready to clap and there wasn't going to be one because I missed it. Then the goalie kicked it to the other side a girl passed it to me and then I had to girls going towards me I tried to get passed them but I couldn't so I passed it to another girl and she go it and then she shoot and she scored we were all screaming. As I was going down to the field with the ball I was all by myself with no one there and I was feeling the same pressure I felt when it was the first time. This time was able to score. I was cheering with happiness. In my mind I was thinking only one goal come on. As we started again we were going down the field we were passing back and forward and then a girl shoots the ball and we scored. I yelled we did it we tied. Then that was a quarter yelled the referee. As we went back to the coach he was so happy. The referee called it time.

                      As we go back to the field the other girls had a mean face. They looked angry, but as the game started we acted like if we were them we had an angry face too. It was like we were going into war. we were going back and forward no one has scored and then, a girl from our team goes quickly with the ball and she passed the defensive line I go to help her. I saw that the referee was looking at his watch he was about to blow the whistle. I was yelling to the girl "pass to me" ! She passed it to me and then I look up at the goalie I was thinking in my head shoot it, shoot it and  shot it , and I scored. I was jumping up and down. the referee blew the whistle and said that's a game. I was so happy. We went to go shake the other teams hand . We went running back. Finally we can saw that we are victorious. I could see that, that was the best day of my life!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

 Interest In The Past

               I love the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My cry because there is a lot of talking that used to be talked in the past. For example: I betcha Mama's gonna 'clean' you, you keep it up. I think everyone that gets interested to the things that happened in the past like white people versus black people, and how black people can't do everything white people can, and how they used to talk this is a good book for you because they have that happening in the book. There is a lot of battles already, For example, the bus incident and how mama was so mad with them because she could have gotten fired or they kicked out of school for that. so for who ever is interested in the past this is a good book for you.

Roll Of Thunder hear My Cry

Teacher jealousy
             I think that Miss Crocker has jealousy. In the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry I think that she has jealousy because she doesn't get long with Mama since she is another teacher and she always protects Cassie, Christopher John, and Little Man that she gets so sick of it. I also think that she has jealousy because when they did their plan about the bus incident and they came to school late. Mama had to come to school hoping that she wan't going to get fired or her kids kicked for what they did or something, but miss Crocker went to go do a complaint about them not being in class. The principle didn't care about that Miss Crocker about the all the complaint but all she said to Mama is that next time her kids do that she and them are out of the school. So i think that Miss Crocker is a jealous teacher because she thinks that Mama is a favorite teacher to the principle and i thought she is totally jealous.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

The Similarities Of The Past and The Book 

         I love the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry because there is a lot of action and plans and stuff that used to happen in the past, like when when white people got to ride the buses and the black people didn't get to ride the bus. This happened in the story too. All the the white people get the buses and black people don't get any. The same happens when the white people get the brand new books and whatever is left of that book the black people get it. Also, the white people are basically the rulers of the world but they aren't really but back then they were and now in the book the white people are too. The White people always get the things they want because there parents are basically rich and black people don't get anything they want and that happens in the book. this is why the past and Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry are similar.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

Goodbye Dad

       I predict in the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, that Cassie ,and Little Man, and Christopher John's dad is going to die soon because he is always working on railroad tracks and always traveling. So that could be very dangerous because a train could come and just run him over and they don't know when the train is coming until they hear it, so that could cause an injury or an accident. I also think that he himself thinks he might die because he brought another man that he found on the way back from his work ,so maybe the can replace him to protect the dad's family when he is gone and he can be confident that his family is going to be okay in case of an accident. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

                I predict that one black person is going to try to be a white person and get on their good side and always will act like them. So i think that he will hang out with the black people and hear everything they say, then will go to the white people and tell them everything they say like plans, secrets, and all the other stuff they talk about. I think he/she will do that because they want to be treated like a white person. He/she will do whatever the white people want them to do so they don't blame it on them and so the white people won't get in trouble and they can just blame on he/she.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry


               I think that Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry and The Outsiders are similar because of the three reasons.  My first reason is that they both have battles, like in the book the outsiders it's socs vs greasers and in the book roll of thunder hear my cry it's the black vs the black people. My second reason is that they have an elite team in each books. The white people in the boo Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and in the book the outsiders the elite team is the socs. My third reason is that the greasers and the black people are treated poorly in both books. these are the three reasons why they are similar.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

School Problems:
              I predict that when they go back to school , they are going to front the teachers and principal about not being in school. They are going to have to hear all the things they always have to hear when hey get in trouble. They are going to be glad that won't be like mama's punishment. I also think that are going to go to their mom, but the mom won't even listen to them because she knows how bad they did and won't argue with the teacher. I also think she is going to ask the teachers to give them a hard punishment so they learn the lesson not ditching class or school. I also think that they are going to have to speak with the principal, and he is going to make her kids go to a different school because the principal wont want any trouble with the white people. Also I think that mama is going to loose her job because of them. This is why i think they are going to have school trouble. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor

Mama Trouble:

                 I predict that mama is going to kill Cassie,Christopher John, and Little Man because she heard by many teachers that they left school without permission during lunch time . She also saw that they were late for class. She was so worried that she had to go to go home and had someone fill in for her. Instead of going she went to go look for them but, didn't find them. She went back to the school to see if they showed up and they didn't. She also saw herself that the didn't come back until later for class. I also knew she was going to kill them because they wanted to see the incident happen so they went running out of school to the bus stop so the got to the house late. A teacher also saw they were passing notes about a plan and the teacher gave it to mama. So these are the reasons why i think they are going to get killed by mama.