Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

School Problems:
              I predict that when they go back to school , they are going to front the teachers and principal about not being in school. They are going to have to hear all the things they always have to hear when hey get in trouble. They are going to be glad that won't be like mama's punishment. I also think that are going to go to their mom, but the mom won't even listen to them because she knows how bad they did and won't argue with the teacher. I also think she is going to ask the teachers to give them a hard punishment so they learn the lesson not ditching class or school. I also think that they are going to have to speak with the principal, and he is going to make her kids go to a different school because the principal wont want any trouble with the white people. Also I think that mama is going to loose her job because of them. This is why i think they are going to have school trouble. 

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