Sunday, October 11, 2015

The best day of my life

                As I stepped on the field I can see the tall skinny girls running to get into their position. As I was going to get into my position I can feel the breeze going through my long and smooth hair. I was feeling that my heart was going to explode. I was waiting until the referee blew the whistle, and he did. The game started, offensive line came running so fast with the ball. A girl kicked the ball almost heading to the out line, I thought it was out but it wasn't. I was going versus this girl for the ball, and I got there first and I took it away and kick the ball to the other side of the field. The other team took it away from my team, and they came so fast towards me that I didn't know what was happening until they said goal! I was so mad that I didn't play as nice anymore. I was slide tackling and shoving people. They weren't able to score on us anymore. Then the referee blow the whistle and said, "That's first quarter". I go sprinting back to coach. He said, " come on team let's go that one goal isn't going to bring us down". I went to go get some water and a lot of water came down my shirt because I thought the water was going to end. I was out of breathe I couldn't even speak. The coach told me that, "right now that we are going to start the new quarter that I am going to sit out."  I was so happy because I get to rest".

                  As I was watching my team members play, I saw that my team was going to the center a lot, and that no one was spreading out so I yelled, get open and spread out" , the didn't listen. so I was so mad at them because they let the team score 2 goals. I was furious that I was making a gigantic hole with my shows. I was barely able to watch them. I was so happy that the referee called that's second quarter, its half time. The coach was yelling "what were you guys doing out there come on lets go we need to try harder." We were siting down eating grape. all of them falling on the floor. finally half time is over.

                     I go to the field and everyone was so tired that they could barely even run. We started out with the ball this time and we were waiting for the whistle. then the game started. We running down the field I had the ball I go down to the end of the field and I was by myself it was only me and the goalie and as I shoot it hits the post. I was so disappointed because everyone was ready to clap and there wasn't going to be one because I missed it. Then the goalie kicked it to the other side a girl passed it to me and then I had to girls going towards me I tried to get passed them but I couldn't so I passed it to another girl and she go it and then she shoot and she scored we were all screaming. As I was going down to the field with the ball I was all by myself with no one there and I was feeling the same pressure I felt when it was the first time. This time was able to score. I was cheering with happiness. In my mind I was thinking only one goal come on. As we started again we were going down the field we were passing back and forward and then a girl shoots the ball and we scored. I yelled we did it we tied. Then that was a quarter yelled the referee. As we went back to the coach he was so happy. The referee called it time.

                      As we go back to the field the other girls had a mean face. They looked angry, but as the game started we acted like if we were them we had an angry face too. It was like we were going into war. we were going back and forward no one has scored and then, a girl from our team goes quickly with the ball and she passed the defensive line I go to help her. I saw that the referee was looking at his watch he was about to blow the whistle. I was yelling to the girl "pass to me" ! She passed it to me and then I look up at the goalie I was thinking in my head shoot it, shoot it and  shot it , and I scored. I was jumping up and down. the referee blew the whistle and said that's a game. I was so happy. We went to go shake the other teams hand . We went running back. Finally we can saw that we are victorious. I could see that, that was the best day of my life!

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