Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

The Similarities Of The Past and The Book 

         I love the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry because there is a lot of action and plans and stuff that used to happen in the past, like when when white people got to ride the buses and the black people didn't get to ride the bus. This happened in the story too. All the the white people get the buses and black people don't get any. The same happens when the white people get the brand new books and whatever is left of that book the black people get it. Also, the white people are basically the rulers of the world but they aren't really but back then they were and now in the book the white people are too. The White people always get the things they want because there parents are basically rich and black people don't get anything they want and that happens in the book. this is why the past and Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry are similar.

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