Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Roll Of Thunder hear My Cry

Teacher jealousy
             I think that Miss Crocker has jealousy. In the book Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry I think that she has jealousy because she doesn't get long with Mama since she is another teacher and she always protects Cassie, Christopher John, and Little Man that she gets so sick of it. I also think that she has jealousy because when they did their plan about the bus incident and they came to school late. Mama had to come to school hoping that she wan't going to get fired or her kids kicked for what they did or something, but miss Crocker went to go do a complaint about them not being in class. The principle didn't care about that Miss Crocker about the all the complaint but all she said to Mama is that next time her kids do that she and them are out of the school. So i think that Miss Crocker is a jealous teacher because she thinks that Mama is a favorite teacher to the principle and i thought she is totally jealous.

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