Thursday, December 3, 2015

Second Chance

One cold morning I woke up trying to get ready for work putting on a long sleeve tunic and side less gown but cloth was of a poorer quality. The tunic is plain and the ground length with narrow tailored sleeves. It was worn of my chemise or linen smock unless the weather demanded more layering. I was heading to my work to do my businesses which is bake so people can sell it. I also have to do daily baking for the community, and daily bake for my family with the time they leased to nobles for public usage. I do these things everyday.

My name is Elizabeth and I am 15 years old. I live in a village right outside my work. I live with a girl named Anne who doesn’t do anything at all. She’s lazy and always is sleeping. She was trying to find work but, I knew that she wasn’t going to find one. I saw that she wasn’t in her bed, when she usually should because she is lazy. So I was so suspicious about her not being here, maybe she got a job.

When I left the village I saw smoke coming out of somewhere. I wasn’t sure from where it was coming. I saw that it was coming out of my bakery. I fell down on my knees, I was crying. Then I got up. I was heading closer to the bakery. I saw that someone was standing there looking at the bakery I couldn’t see who it was. Then I saw that it was Anne. I was wondering why she was there. I asked why you here, Anne said in a soft  “ I...I started the fire. She was in tears. I was trying to calm her down but I was so furious in the inside. Many people came to help us, they brought buckets of water.

Then finally they stopped the fire. Anne went running to the village all upset and crying. I saw that everything got ruined so, I left it how it was because I knew nothing would have been saved. I headed back to the village, I saw that Anne was crying. I wanted to hit her and scream at her but, it seemed too wrong to do because I don't think that she would do that on purpose. So I tried to talk to her but she kept saying in a a crying voice “ it’’s my fault” I told her don’t worry it was going to happen one day. So she turned around wiping her tears and we started to eat our bread.

I asked her why were you in my bakery in the first place. She said “ I was trying to learn how to do stuff and I also want to be a cook for the future so I thought by doing this job I was going to get some experience of doing something.” I said well you should have come to me and asked me if I can teach and not do it by yourself. She said “ I will never do that again so I don’t cause this again”. I said now where should I find a job. Then suddenly the door knocked. I thought it was the villagers telling me to pick up the mess but, I was wrong.

It was the king by himself not with anyone else. I kneeled down to him and said your majesty how can I assist you. The king said, I am offering you and Anne for a job since you bakery was burned down. I asked for what. He said “One for a baker and another for a cook. Ours weren’t as good so i’m hiring you guys. Me and Anne screamed with excitement. The king said “you are going to be living in my castle so you guys are on time for work and can spend all the time there working and sleeping. The king said “start gathering your things we are going to be heading to my castle.

I was gathering my things to leave to the castle but I saw Anne sitting on the floor looking disappointed and upset. I asked her what’s wrong, she said, “I don’t want to burn the castle down.” I said but you won’t because you have me there if you need me and now we have a second chance to redeem ourselves.  She said “ okay” So we were leaving to the castle, as soon as I stepped on the the stairs and heading to the castle to my new bakery I knew that is going to be a second chance for me and my bakery. Then Anne and I both got to do what we wanted to do for our lives.

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