Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back To The Past

Litzy Ramirez
March 8 2016
Mr.Coward- Period 4

      “Hi Mr. John it’s nice to see you.  Mr. John is my mom’s boss. “I came here to interview you for an assignment in English class. May I asked you some questions.”
    “Yes. Of course. Come and take a seat.” We were sitting in his small office at his work, around 4:37pm on a Thursday. There was a little aisle right next to his office. It was freezing in his office because the air conditioning was on the whole time of the interview. We had the interview at his work because my mom was able to work while we were doing the interview. I was able to interview him because my mom asked him if he had anytime for the interview and he said yes.
    Mr. John is 71 years old. He has white hair, but the top of his head is bald. His skin has a lot of wrinkles and spots. He had probably 4 sweaters on because it’s so cold in his office. His voice was a little scratchy, but I can understand everything he was saying. He is so nice and kind. He is also very patient with many things.
John said, “Do you want to begin with the questions?”
I said,”sure. Let’s get started.”
    The first question I asked was, Describe what it was like as a child?  He took a while to answer, but then he said “that it was quite challenging because he lived in a poor family and he was the oldest child out of five children.” He also said that it was annoying because he always had to take care of his brothers and sisters. I said okay so it was annoying to take care of your siblings? He said, “Yes.” I said okay next question.
    I moved along with my second question which is What did you have to do as a child? He answered very slowly thinking of his thoughts, he said I had to do a lot of chores and help clean the house and he also said that since he was the oldest he had to walk every single one of his brothers and sisters to school. He also had to go to school himself.
   Then I began with my third question which is about school, What schools did you attend when you were my age? He was trying to remember of what schools he attended. First he said he went to Estas Park Elementary, then he said that he went to Lawrence Elementary, then he went to Arvada Junior high. He said he had to move schools a lot was because they moved to different places.
    I moved on with my fourth question which is, Do you have any holidays traditions when you were a kid? He said that he only celebrated Christmas, fourth of July, and Saint Patrick's Day because he was Irish and that was very important to him and his family.
  Then I ended with my last question which was, What did you do to get through the difficult times in your life ? He said in exact words “ I believed in myself, I relied on my family for morale support, and I persevered because if you persevere it makes you feel good and you feel more alive .” He also said that his family was the only reason why he wanted to keep going to school because he never liked school. He wanted to keep going because that way he would be able to help his parents with a lot of things.
    What is most surprising to me is that he wanted to quit when he was younger, but he ended up become a manger. He succeeded when he really could have stopped in the middle and could have quitted, but he didn’t only for the benefit of his family. That really shows how someone is so caring about other people. This is so surprising to me because many people wouldn’t do that. the could have just stopped school and not persevere but Mr. John did. That’s why I thought it was surprising.

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